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If you're keen to meet up with others who are looking to develop their English speaking skills, join us on Facebook.

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If you're already a Facebook user and are preparing for an advanced English exam, become a fan of our Page to get regular updates from us in Facebook.

Splendid Speaking for Advanced English Exams on Facebook

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Getting started

If you've never used Facebook before follow the steps below to sign up and start networking.

1) Start by going to and create an account.

2) When your account has been created click 'Profile' along the top of the screen.

3) Click 'Info' and and then 'Edit information'.

4) This will open the screen below where you can add personal details. This information will be available for others to read if they become your 'Friend' on Facebook, so don't write anything you're not entirely happy for others to see. (You can decide who becomes your friend - see below.)

Join Splendid Speaking

1) Now you're ready to join the Splendid Speaking Page. Search for 'Splendid Speaking' in the search box at the top right corner of the screen. On the results page click on the Splendid Speaking icon.

2) You will see a description of Splendid Speaking. Below this you'll find a list of members, a discussion board and the page 'Wall', a public space to post messages. Click 'Like'

Connecting with others

1) Start by introducing yourself to others. There is a discussion topic called 'Allow me to introduce ...'. Click the title and post a message. Explain why you're studying English to help others identify you as a possible contact.

2) New messages on the discussion board go to the end of the list. To read the most recent messages you may need to click the next page:

3) You can also post a message on the public Splendid Speaking 'Wall' which appears just below the discussion board area. Your message will appear at the top of the list.

4) As well as inviting people to contact you, try looking for someone to contact yourself. You can view all members by clicking 'See All'.

5) Click on one of the photos of someone.

6) You can send this person a message or send them a 'Friend' request. If they accept you as a friend you will be able to see their complete profile.

That's all you need to get started. See our safety first guide for some tips on connecting on social networking sites like Facebook.

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