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Are you about to have your spoken English assessed for CAE?

Going into an oral exam can be a terrifying prospect. What if you talk too much? What if you say too little? What if you say the wrong thing? Worst of all, what happens if your mind goes blank and you dry up completely?

The last thing you want is to come out of the exam room feeling disappointed with your performance and frustrated that you failed to show the examiner your true capabilities in Spoken English.

We don't want that to happen either! That's why we've created a complete preparation package for Paper 5 of the CAE exam. It's called

CAE Speaking Success!

and it shows you everything you need to do to perform at your absolute best.

Comments about CAE Speaking Success!

"CAE Speaking Success' is wonderful for those who have decided to take CAE Exam, it will make your studying interesting and productive. I am happy to find the course."
Veronica, Student, Ukraine

"I am so happy to have the opportunity to access this kind of resource in the comfort of my house and really see that it works and also improves my skills."
Sônia, Student, Brazil

"Don't be worried, follow suggestions and tips and you are bound to take "exceptional" in your speaking test."
Roberta, Student, Italy

"Extremely valuable information organised in a very precise way."
Raluca, Student, Romania

"It is great, it really helped me a lot. Thank you very much. Wish me luck on my CAE exam!"
Mari, Student, Mexico

"Simple, relevant and to the point explanation really leading you to the success desired. Thank you!"
Sara, Student, Egypt

"Amazingly useful! It makes you feel confident and prepared about your own skills."
Rocio, Student, Uruguay

"So good! This support is a real help and gives you confidence for the oral exam."
Michaela Franz, Student, Germany

We're not going to pretend passing the CAE Speaking exam is easy. It's a demanding paper that tests your ability in four crucial aspects of your speaking

* conversing about yourself (Part 1),
* presenting (Part 2),
* collaborating with others (Part 3)
* and discussing (Part 4).

And if you perform poorly in just one of these Parts it can pull down your overall score. On the other hand, passing the CAE Speaking paper especially with an exceptional mark tells the world (including your future employer) that you have an advanced level of language competence… It opens doors for you!

How will 'CAE Speaking Success' help?


Let's see what you need to face the Speaking exam with total confidence:

  • Have a thorough understanding of what's required of you in the Speaking exam.
  • Know effective strategies that will guarantee you perform at 100% throughout the exam.
  • Know the CAE assessment inside out so you appreciate which areas to work on during your preparation.
  • Learn how to avoid the typical language mistakes made by advanced learners.
  • Know the functional language you'll need in the exam to speculate, compare and contrast, agree and disagree effectively, use fillers etc.
  • Have the topic vocabulary to respond confidently to the interlocutor's questions.


Well, that's exactly what 'CAE Speaking Success!' offers you. Each Unit contains:

  • Easy-to-remember strategies to ensure you won’t dry up in the exam.
  • Recordings of advanced non-native speakers applying these strategies, offering a model for you to aim for.
  • Use of the CAE assessment criteria to evaluate the speaker’s performance, giving you a clear understanding of the exam requirements.
  • CAE Speaking practice tests to help you master these strategies.
  • The chance to learn the important functional language you'll need during the exam.
  • Error-correction activities to help you avoid the language mistakes made at advanced level.
  • Topic vocabulary tests to make sure you have the language you need to respond fully to questions.


Sample screenshot from Splendid Speaking Unit 2: Make Effective Small Talk

More comments about CAE Speaking Success!

"Everything you need to learn in one lesson, learning tips, practice and transcriptions to help you with the speaking exam.It is fabulous and I would recommend it to all those students who are preparing for this exam. Thank you to all those people who work in this."
Ada, Student, Albania

"It has very good tips and illustrative examples. It's well organised and has anything a student could ask for. It's excellent!"
Eduarda, Student, Portugal

"This e-tool really helped me. It was simple and clear enough and I can recommend it to everyone who is going to take CAE. Thanks!"
Katerina, Student, Czech Republic

"Thanks a lot for this program, it made me feel much more confident about my Speaking Exam!"
Jowita, Student, Netherlands

"I truly recommend to take a look at this course in order to have real insight on the speaking part in the CAE exam."
Federico, Student, Italy

Using CAE Speaking Success! you will

  • discover 4 great ways to respond to Part 1 and Part 4 questions using the REDS method
  • learn our secrets to showcasing your use of English and fluency skills throughout the exam
  • find out how choosing the right visuals will help you deliver a top class long turn in Part 2
  • discover how the ACE method will guarantee you make a superb comment in Part 2
  • learn our three top strategies for working cooperatively with your partner in Part 3

How does it work?

First, there's nothing to download or install. 'CAE Speaking Success!' is an online course so all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection. With 'CAE Speaking Success!' you can fit your Speaking exam preparation around your own busy lifestyle.

1) Choose the length of your subscription, 13 weeks, 26 weeks or 52 weeks.
2) Sign up for a username and password account.
3) Log in from any computer - at work, at home or at the Internet cafe.

What does my subscription include?

>> Here's what's in CAE Speaking Success!

And that's not all…

In addition to these 12 Units the course also contains a thorough guide to the CAE Speaking paper and a quiz to make sure you know exactly what to expect on the big day. There's also help with finding speaking partners and advice on analysing your English and getting feedback.

Live teacher support

To help you stay on track with your studies we invite course members to join us and other students on one of our live monthly 'askthetutor' tutorials. (Times are advertised on the course homepage.) We will focus on the key Speaking skills covered in CAE Speaking Success and try to answer any questions you may have. And if you can't attend a session, email us your question and we'll try to help.

And just for good measure…

... we've also included FIVE topic vocabulary revision tests in the final unit

Finally, to give you that extra something in the exam ...


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Are there an special technical requirements?

No! There's audio throughout the course so you'll need a reasonably good Internet connection.

More comments about CAE Speaking Success!

"Clear, simple and effective."
Massimo, Italy

"I think it's fabulous! I'm really impressed with the lesson I've just done...You are doing such a wonderful job to help us with English...THANK YOU!!!"
Lubchik, UK

"Your new learning tool is very useful for both students and educators. It highlights the typical problems of candidates and gives clear examples, explanations that help students to be more aware of these issues during the preparation. The media tool is attractive and easy to use so working with it was a pleasure."
Kóródi, Hungary

"It's perfectly structured, gives all the necessary information about the Speaking Test. The tips are fantastic. The recorded questions and answers give clear idea what I can expect from the examiner and how I am supposed to structure my answers. The practice part in the unit is priceless."
Lena Burova, Bulgaria

"So good! This support is a real help and gives you confidence for the CAE oral exam."
Michaela, Germany

"It has very good tips and illustrative examples. It's well organised and has anything a student could ask for. It's excellent!"
Eduarda, Portugal

"This e-tool really helped me. It was simple and clear enough and I can recommend it to everyone who is going to take CAE. Thanks!"
Katerina, Czech Republic

"Thanks a lot for this program, it made me feel much more confident about my Speaking Exam!"
Jowita, Netherlands

"CAE Speaking Success is practical, simple and efficient. Nowhere we can learn so much in so little time. Definitely a must help for learners of advanced English."
Pietro, Brazil

"It is an up-to-date tool for self-study while working towards CAE, very coherent, involving and student-friendly. It has provided an additional focus for my class, specifically in terms of exam-taking strategies. Students are sure to benefit from it."
Bella, Russia

How much does it cost?

The costs of an individual student subscription are as follows:

13 weeks subscription - £28
26 weeks subscription - £42 (Save £14!)
52 weeks subscription - £56 (Save £56!)

(Contact us if you're a teacher and would like to purchase multiple subscriptions for 'CAE Speaking Success!').


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In the meantime ...

Best wishes for your CAE exam!


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