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Would you like an easier and more effective way to improve
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Hi! I'm Peter Travis

It's true ... there are skills, techniques and spoken language you can learn and practise that really WILL help you face the exam day with increased confidence. Don't just take my word for it ...

"When the exam came, I was perfectly calm and self-assured, … the hands-on training had taught me practically the right strategy, which I applied - making my speaking paper a great success… If it were not for your help, it would have been at least one grade lower."
Andrzej P., English Language student, Poland

"What to say more than: absolutely helpful!…Excellent preparation for the speaking part of an exam."
Vucosava N., English Language student, Portugal

What's the basis of a successful English exam?

Let's be honest - the Speaking Paper of your exam can be challenging and a little scary! You have to cope with exam day nerves, talk with people you've never met before, and try to speak fluently and accurately so you don't let yourself down. If all this isn't enough to contend with, the examiner will be assessing:
a) how you present yourself during introductions
b) the impact you make when you have to speak at length, especially during the 'long turn' section of the exam - perhaps with virtually no time to prepare
c) how well you interact with the examiner and/or other candidates during discussions or role plays.
Well, that's precisely why we've developed 'The Splendid Speaking Course' and based it around the strategies adopted by successful communicators. The skills and techniques you learn on the course will help you face the big day with confidence!

What is the Splendid Speaking Course?

Splendid Speaking is an online self-study English speaking course to teach strong upper-intermediate to advanced learners of English top-level speaking skills and communication strategies. It comes in two volumes ('Introductions and Small Talk' and 'Powerful Presentations') and covers 12 key strategies for communicating effectively, as well as a range of useful vocabulary and language topics.

How does it work?

First, there's nothing to download or install. Splendid Speaking is an online course so all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. You sign-up for a username and password account and then you can log in from any computer - at work, at home, in your local library or internet cafe. When you have half an hour to spare in your busy day you could be working through a speaking strategy or brushing up on your vocabulary!

Sample screenshot from Splendid Speaking Unit 2: Make Effective Small Talk

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How can it help me with my exam preparation?

Generally, English Speaking examinations consist of the following speaking activities:
a) a 'getting to know you' section during which the examiner will ask you questions
b) a 'long turn' section where you're asked to speak on a subject for about 1 or 2 minutes
c) one or more discussion or role-play sections during which you talk with the examiner and/or another candidate on a set topic.
The Splendid Speaking Course teaches you skills that will support you in all these speaking activities. Choose any of the examinations below to find out how Splendid Speaking can help you with your Exam.


And there IS life after exams!

The skills, techniques and language you learn on The Splendid Speaking Course are also employed by successful communicators and you'll find yourself using them again and again, well after your exam day is over.

Are you planning to use English at work or in Business?
Are you hoping to study at a University or college in an English-speaking environment?

The Splendid Speaking Course will give you the confidence to interact with native and non-speakers in these situations effectively. Whether you find yourself in business meetings or networking events, in a seminar or social situation at your new university, you'll have memorable and highly practical speaking skills and language to call on.

What does my subscription include?

Download the complete syllabus (PDF file). Right-click (Windows) or hold down the mouse button (Mac OS) and then choose Save Target As from the pop-up menu. Click here for the complete syllabus.

Volume 1: Introductions and Small Talk
In this volume you'll learn how to:

  • Make an impact with a 15-second introduction (Unit 1) - perfect for the 'getting to know you' section of an exam.
  • Listen effectively and show interest in what others have to say (Unit 2), so you can build an immediate rapport during discussions or role plays.
  • Relate a S.T.A.R. story (Unit 3) that illustrates a personal achievement - a memorable way to use personal anecdotes in response to questions.
  • Use examples to make effective contributions during discussions (Unit 3).
Plus 2 other practical speaking strategies dealing with body language and asking effective questions.

Volume 2: Powerful Presentations
In this volume you'll learn how to:

  • Captivate your audience by choosing one of five memorable ways to start your long turn. (Unit 4)
  • Signpost your talk clearly so the examiner can follow your long turn (Unit 4).
  • Use photographs successfully as the basis for your talk (Unit 5).
  • Deliver great long turns even with little time to prepare. You'll soon be giving a T.O.P. spontaneous talk, and using pauses for effect (Unit 6).
Plus 2 other key speaking strategies looking at describing information graphics in presentations and how to pace your presentations for maximum effect.

And that's not all…

In addition to these 12 key strategies you can test your knowledge of useful topical collocational phrases, question formation and the particular features of spoken English such as the use of 'heads and tails' and 'vague' language.

Sample screenshot from Splendid Speaking Unit 5: Working with Graphics

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Listen to What Other People have had to
Say About Splendid Speaking

" [Splendid Speaking has been]…very important for me in order to organize the mental process in the acquisition of a new language. (My native tongue is Spanish.) It's a friendly learning environment, which is very important. Thank you!"
Teodoro E.Y., English Language student, Chile

"The Splendid Speaking strategies are a remarkable opportunity to get more fluent and confident in English. Thanks to Pete and Fiona for creating so splendid way of learning Speaking skills."
Daniela do V., English Language student, Brazil

"I really believe that a good speaker is made and not born, so the tips Splendid Speaking provides are really helpful. Using the 'Spontaneous Talks' techniques it provides really helped me to achieve more fluent communication of the message."
Corina B., English Language student, Romania

"Splendid Speaking is giving me the tools and the confidence to improve my speaking skills, providing explanations and tips on the best approaches to answering a question."
Solange, English language student, Brazil

How much does it cost?

Get Volumes 1 and 2 combined for only £25.00 for a three month subscription.

Best wishes for your exam success!

Click here now to get started with the Splendid Speaking online self-study course.

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