Teaching English Speaking Sklls with Get Speaking

26 ready-to-go lessons for your upper-intermediate and advanced English classes


These are some of the comments we noted during a recent training event for English Language teachers about their attitude towards teaching Speaking skills.

"I want to feel I've done more than encourage the students to have a chat."
S.P. Teacher, Spain

"I'm never sure if the students have actually learnt anything new at the end of a speaking lesson."
T.B. Teacher, Poland

"I do a lot of exam preparation and want my students to feel confident when they go into the Interview room."
S.A. Teacher, Italy

"I often spend hours preparing for my Speaking classes as I feel far more vulnerable delivering this subject."
B.S. Teacher, UK

As teachers ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to teach Speaking skills to upper-intermediate and advanced level learners. That's why we created our series of 26 'Get Speaking' Task Sheets and have been making them available, one-by-one, each week to visitors to this website.

Now, by popular demand we can offer a compilation of ALL our 'Get Speaking' Task Sheets: 26 ready-to-go lessons for your upper-intermediate to advanced level Speaking classes.

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"I'm a teacher and recommend Splendid Speaking to my CAE, CPE and business students. The worksheets provide excellent vocabulary they can use immediately. Thanks!"
R.P. International House, Spain

"Very useful tasks, complete with appropriate vocabulary!"
Tuula Jantunen, Finland

"It is useful for class activities- it fits our curriculum."
M.D. Bucharest, Romania

What is Get Speaking?

Would you like to have access to motivating activities for your upper-intermediate or advanced level English speaking classes? Would you like your students to learn highly-practical methods to help them develop their English speaking skills, whether for English Speaking exams, work or university? Do you want them to have access to useful topic vocabulary to use in their presentations and discussions?

And would you like to have all this delivered in one simple, easy-to-print page, ready to go for your Speaking lessons?

If so, that's why we've put together this archive of Get Speaking Task Sheets for you to help you plan and teach your Speaking classes this year.

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Who are the Task Sheets for?

The Get Speaking Task Sheets are ideal for teachers in schools, colleges or universities looking for ready-made lessons for their English Speaking classes. Teachers doing one-to-one or small-group private lessons will also find the Task Sheets an easy resource to support their sessions. And students working independently who use Instant Messaging or tools like Skype for speaking practice will benefit from the structure and tips the Task Sheets offer as well as the topic vocabulary supporting each task.

What's in each Task Sheet?

If you're new to Splendid Speaking here's what each Task Sheet contains.

Two speaking tasks: Each Task Sheet contains 2 tasks: a featured activity and a secondary task. Tasks covered include presentations and discussions or role plays.

Task focus: The featured task comes with a task focus, offering students a memorable and practical way of delivering the task professionally.

Topic vocabulary: Each Task Sheet comes with a list of topic vocabulary students can use in their presentation or discussion.

Sample recording: Each Task Sheet comes with a link to one of our free Splendid Speaking recordings offering students the chance to hear a student carrying out a similar task.

The Task Sheets cover a wide range of subjects and can easily be slotted into your own syllabus.

Can't I just download them for free?

Yes! Each week we publish a Task Sheet from the archive. If you prefer to visit the website each week for 26 weeks you can download the latest Task Sheet for free. However, if you prefer to have access to ALL task sheets immediately in order to plan your lessons ahead of time you can now do so.

Is there a Teacher's Book available?

Not yet. We are currently working on a Teacher's Book with supporting notes for each Task Sheet, which will be available for purchase soon.

How much does Get Speaking cost?

Volumes 1 and 2 (Task Sheets 1-26) for just £20.00.

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I hope you continue to find Splendid Speaking a useful resource for your students. Please get in touch if you have any questions about
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Best wishes with your teaching!

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