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Teaching exam Speaking skills to advanced learners can be a challenge. Students often feel frustrated that they’re not making progress in their spoken English. And there’s the added anxiety of how they’ll perform on the day. As teachers it can be difficult to know precisely which skills and strategies will make a tangible difference to their confidence and performance.

In terms of the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), simply giving students lots of exam practice may familiarize them with the format of the exam. But this will not empower them with the communication skills and language necessary for Parts 1-4 of Paper 5.

CAE Speaking Success!

CAE Speaking Success! has been created to respond to these issues and is organized around the key strategies students need to excel in their Speaking exam.

How will CAE Speaking Success! help my students?

CAE Speaking Success! is a highly interactive online course that will prepare candidates thoroughly for the CAE Speaking exam. The 12-Unit course contains:

  • easy-to-remember strategies to ensure your students won’t dry up in the exam.
  • recordings of advanced non-native speakers applying the strategies, offering an achievable model for your students to aim for.
  • use of the CAE assessment criteria to evaluate the speaker’s performance, giving your students a clear understanding of the exam requirements.
  • error correction activities to help students avoid the language mistakes made at advanced level.

Sample screenshot from CAE Speaking Success!

In addition, students practise the functional language and key topic vocabulary essential for all Parts of the CAE Speaking exam.

Sample screenshot from CAE Speaking Success!

And to avoid any nasty surprises …

CAE Speaking Success! also comes with an overview of the Speaking exam and an extensive interactive quiz to ensure students know exactly what to expect on the big day.

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