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We all know how much our students want to be able to use 'real', colloquial English. But it can be difficult to do this. The challenge includes not only understanding these everyday expressions and idioms but then forming and using them accurately and appropriately.

With the three-stage approach used by Splendid Expressions, students get to learn the key words, understand the meaning and, most of all, remember the expression to use it later.

Why a three stage approach?

Stage 1:
Many expressions have at least two key words: get either of the key words wrong and the expression doesn't work. In Stage 1, students are presented with the expression in context with one of the key words gapped. They choose the correct word from a list to complete the expression. Feedback then explains the meaning of the new expression.

Stage 2:
Students then get a second chance to practise the expression. This time the second key word is removed. The task is made a little harder by not offering a choice of words to select from.

Stage 3:
Then comes the tough bit: using this new vocabulary. Splendid Expressions encourages students to personalise the expression to help them recall it more easily later.

In addition to learning useful new colloquial vocabulary, Spendid Expressions gives students a method for learning other expressions they come across during their studies.

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