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The thought of facing an English speaking exam can be quite frightening for our students. Being 'put on the spot' and having their speaking skills formally assessed by experts is not something that happens often and many students worry that they won't perform at their best on the big day. Students may worry about speaking too much or not enough, not having anything to say about a question and making mistakes. That’s exactly why we’ve developed IELTS Speaking: Advanced.

IELTS Speaking: Advanced is a 10-unit course which covers everything your students will need to face the examiner with total confidence. The self-study course is packed with highly-effective speaking strategies, grammar and vocabulary exercises and lots of practice tests to help them prepare thoroughly for the exam.

IELTS Speaking: Advanced

How will IELTS Speaking Advanced help my students?

IELTS Speaking: Advanced is an engaging online course that will prepare candidates thoroughly for the IELTS Speaking exam. The 10-Unit course contains:

  • easy-to-remember strategies to ensure students won’t dry up in the exam.
  • recordings of advanced non-native speakers offering an achievable model to aim for.
  • use of the IELTS assessment criteria to evaluate the speaker’s performance, giving the learner a clear understanding of the exam requirements.
  • error correction activities to help the student avoid the language mistakes made at advanced level.

Sample screenshot from CAE Speaking Success!

PLUS! Free with your licence for IELTS:

  • 'Functions Toolkit': Interactive quizzes on key functional language such as 'speculating', 'using fillers', 'modifying levels of agreement' etc.
  • 'Splendid Expressions': Our popular 3-step approach to learning colloquial vocabulary.

Sample screenshot from CAE Speaking Success!

And to avoid any nasty surprises …

IELTS Speaking: Advanced also comes with an overview of the Speaking exam and an extensive interactive quiz to ensure students know exactly what to expect on the big day.

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