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Here's an explanation of what it's all about. We link to relevant sections below but recommend reading the page first to get a clear overview and to make sure you don't miss out on anything! If you prefer you can watch this introductory video.

1. We have an archive of 26 recorded interviews with students from around the world which were carried out using Skype, the Internet Telephony service. These interviews were recorded and have been made available for other students to listen to. The focus of these recordings is on short exam-style speaking tasks such as those found in BEC Higher, CAE, CPE and IELTS. They can be downloaded or listened to from this website. Each week we feature one of these interviews.
Q: So, if I have an upper-intermediate to advanced speaking class once a week, I have 6 months worth of audio to use.
Ans: Correct!

2. We have transcribed these recordings and written comprehension questions. These are freely available to subscribers of our 'Splendid Speaking Newsletter' which is sent out once a week. Access to transcripts is from a link in the newsletter, not from the website.
Q: So, as a subscriber to the newsletter, I have access to transcripts for any recording I want to use with my students as well as the featured recording.
Ans: Correct!

3. Each week we publish a free 'Get Speaking' task sheet for you to download and use with your students in class. The task relates to the featured recording of the week (see 1 above).
Q: So, I can use the task sheet in conjunction with the featured recording and accompanying transcript each week.
Ans: Correct!

4. Every day we publish a quiz for advanced learners of English to develop their colloquial vocabulary. This is online, consists of three topic-related expressions, is updated Monday to Friday and runs for 26 weeks before being repeated. Definitions of these 15 weekly expressions appear in the previous week's 'Splendid Speaking Newsletter'.
Q: So, students who have subscribed to the newsletter can print it off, visit the site each day the following week, learn the expressions and then match them to the defintions.
Ans: Correct!
NB: We do not publish a free archive of these expressions. For access to quizzes for all 26 weeks see 'Splendid Expressions' below.

5. Non-native teachers and students who want to develop their speaking skills further can purchase an individual subscription to one of our courses. These currently include CAE Speaking Success, IELTS Speaking: Advanced and 'Splendid Speaking Self-Study Course'. We also offer an institutional licences for these courses. 'Splendid Expressions', our three-stage approach to learning colloquial vocbulary, comes free with all these courses.

6. For students who want to practice their speaking skills independenly we also offer advice and guidance on connecting with others around the world. This can be done through our Page on Facebook, the social networking website.

7. For teachers who want to find out more about practical applications for new technology we have articles and free ICT guides for you to download. Teachers can get an email alert access to all new publications by subscribing to our 'Teaching with ICT' Newsletter.