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Preparing for an exam? Read our Exam guides. Then get organised with our 'Roadmap to Speaking Exam Success' 9-day programme.

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Looking for ideas to improve your English? See our list of suggested activities.

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"When the exam came, I was perfectly calm and self-assured, because I had done it before, and the hands-on training had taught me practically the right strategy, which I applied making my speaking paper a great success… If it were not for your help, it would have been at least one grade lower.
Thanks Flo-Joe!"
Andrzej Pyka, English Language student, Poland

"The Splendid Speaking strategies are a remarkable opportunity to get more fluent and confident in English. Thanks to Pete and Fiona for creating so splendid way of learning Speaking skills."
Daniela do Vale, English Language student, Brazil

"I really believe that a good speaker is made and not born, so the tips Splendid Speaking provides are really helpful. Using the 'Spontaeous Talks' techniques it provides really helped me to achieve more fluent communication of the message."
Corina Bold, English Language student, Romania

"Splendid Speaking is giving me the tools and the confidence to improve my speaking skills, providing explanations and tips on the best approaches to answering a question."
Solange, English language student, Brazil

"What to say more than: absolutely helpful!…Excellent preparation for the speaking part of an exam."
Vukosava Narancic, English Language student, Portugal