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What is Splendid Expressions?

Would you like to be able to understand the everyday expressions used by native speakers of English? Do you need to speak and express yourself more confidently, in the knowledge that you've taken your language to the next level?

Of course - if you're serious about learning English - then the answer is YES! But one of the difficulties of English is how to understand natural, everyday, commonplace language, i.e. the expressions, idioms and metaphors that pepper the speech of native speakers. (See, there's one!)

That's why we've put together these quizzes of everyday expressions for you - specially selected for you as being the most useful.

But you get more than just a list of expressions (useful to a degree, but not enough if you want to take your English to the highest level.) It's a three-stage approach to help you learn the key words, understand the meaning and, most of all, remember the expression so you recognise and/or use it later.

Three Stage Approach?

You may be wondering why a three-stage approach? Let's see why.

Stage 1:
Many expressions have at least two key words: get either of the key words wrong and the expression doesn't work. In Stage 1, you see the expression in context with one of the key words gapped. You choose the correct word from a list to complete the expression. Feedback then explains the meaning of the new expression.

Stage 2:
You then get a second chance to practise the expression. This time the second key word is removed. The task is made a little harder by not offering you a choice of words to select from.

Stage 3:
Then comes the tough bit: using this new vocabulary. Splendid Expressions encourages you to personalise the expression to help you remember it more easily later.

Organised according to subject, Splendid Expressions allows you to pick and choose the quizzes that you want, OR you just work through them systematically.

What does the subscription include?

You will have access to ALL 390 expressions organised into 130 quizzes and categorized under helpful subject areas. Your subscription will last for three months.

How much does it cost?

Splendid Expressions comes free with CAE Speaking Success, IELTS Speaking: Advanced and Splendid Speaking.

I look forward to welcoming you on board!